Wacky Wednesday was birthed out of a need for Peregrine Manufacturing. During the ’08 presidential run, Brian watched as the team would spend the majority of their breaks arguing about the best candidate for office. This animosity affected production and created division within the team. Brian introduced a game of hacky sack to the second break of the day (it still sounds silly, even to all of us.) Unity quickly was restored as everyone worked together to beat the previous day’s record of total hits on the hacky sack. As new employees joined Peregrine, they were infused quickly into the team through joining the hacky sack circle. We believe that a team that plays together, stays together. From this, Wacky Wednesday was sparked. Our team took a few minutes each week to gather and play a silly game or do a group activity. The change in team dynamic was evident throughout the workplace. Everyone was in positive spirits and working together more fluidly. At first, Wacky Wednesday was like a medicine, we did it when there was a morale problem in our shop. Now, after two years of weekly consistency, it is a preventative measure that we take and a huge enhancer to our team. Below is some examples of our wackiness.

Check in weekly to see what new bizarre thing we are doing!